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Real-time monitoring system for mains operation


A provider of solutions for the energy market, Phoenix Contact ─ in collaboration with JEAN MÜLLER ─ has developed a scalable monitoring system for mains operation that provides measured operating values in real time for grid optimization or grid management purposes.

As energy will increasingly be supplied to the grid by volatile regenerative power stations – particularly at the lower voltage levels of the distribution system – intelligent solutions are needed in order to ensure that the energy supply remains highly available. The rise in electromobility also plays a role here.

The system is designed such that it can be installed in secondary distribution network stations, cable distributors or customer systems by mains operators with minimal configuration and installation outlay required. If needed, the application can be extended to include a central asset management system that calculates the current load flow based on quantified measured values. In addition to transferring measurement data from up to 14 strip type switch disconnectors to central control systems using IEC standard protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104, these systems can also communicate directly with IoT ecosystems via interoperable data models.


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