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The smallest ODP remote control station in the world.


TC Mobile I/O X300 mobile communication module  

Monitor remote outstations over the mobile communications network with TC Mobile

The new mobile radio module, TC Mobile I/O X300 from Phoenix Contact, is the smallest ODP remote control station in the world.

Over the mobile communication network it securely and reliably monitors both analog and digital signals from remote outstations. The relays can be controlled remotely. The integrated calendar can be used to specify the switching times of the relays. The monitoring of systems with outstations is optimized by the mobile communications module communicating continuously as an ODP remote control station with an ODP server over the GPRS mobile communications service. This way, live and historical data and alarms - even with timestamps - can be transmitted over the Internet to a control center. There, the measured values can be evaluated and stored. All central and key functions are managed by the control center. The ODP server provides open communication between the signaling system and the control center. The mobile communications module therefore offers a simple and cost-effective alternative for monitoring and controlling processes.


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