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Install glare-free LED machine lighting quickly and flexibly


Communication module (left) and machine lights (right)  

The communication module (left) enables the lights (right) to be integrated into your machine control system

Our new LED machine lights enable you to illuminate your machine efficiently and without glare. Furthermore, the lights can be integrated into your system extremely easily and can be controlled via bus system.

Thanks to integrated optics, the LED lights ensure efficient, homogenous, and glare-free illumination of machine interiors. They are part of our new Phoenix Contact Lighting Devices product range, abbreviated to PLD. The brightness can be infinitely adjusted using dimming, for example to adapt to relevant conditions inside your machine such as reflections or to the respective machine states. For example, you can use the strobe effect to monitor fast processes by operating the lights in flash mode.


High savings potential
Thanks to LED technology, the lights consume a particularly small amount of energy. In addition, optional series connection and the SPEEDCON M12 rapid interlock system save further time and cabling effort. Thanks to the extremely long service life of the LEDs of more than 65,000 hours, you will also save when it comes to maintenance costs.


Numerous control options
One option is to fully integrate the machine lights into your machine control system by means of a communication module. To do so, you can easily connect the module upstream of the first light. Then the lights can be easily configured and controlled via your machine's bus system.


Suitable for your application
The PLD machine lights are available in various lengths - 200 millimeters, 365 millimeters, and 695 millimeters with a 50° or 100° emission angle respectively. The communication module is available with either a PROFINET or a PROFIBUS interface. Thanks to versatile mounting accessories, the lights can be quickly and easily assembled in all applications.



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