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Heavy UPS power storage securely mounted


Mounting frame with GL approval for heavy power storage  

The battery frame with GL approval enables secure wall or surface mounting.

The new mounting kit for battery blocks from Phoenix Contact comes ready for use for securely and stably fixing large power storage for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to walls or surfaces.

As soon as a UPS is combined with heavy power storage of up to 26 kg (UPS-BAT/VRLA/24DC/38AH, UPS-BAT/VRLA-WTR/24DC/26AH or UPS-BAT/VRLA-WTR/24DC/13AH), snapping onto a standard rail is no longer possible. This is for example the case when a load current of 40 A is to be buffered for one hour. With the flexible mounting position of the battery frame, both wall and surface mounting is possible. With the help of the retaining bracket, power storage is securely fixed in the battery frame, so that problem-free operation under conditions of severe vibration is possible. With a load capacity of 2.3 g, the kit has been approved by the Germanischer Lloyd and has been used in the demanding environment of the ship industry. In addition, the retaining bracket serves as a mounting bracket for the processor-controlled electronic control systems.


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