Digital transformation – Open architecture

Digital transformation – Open architecture

Open, secure, scalable

Phoenix Contact provides you with future-proof automation solutions with limitless possibilities.

Process reliability and system availability are given the highest priority in the process industry. Therefore, the personnel involved must be able to give their full attention to the core processes. Automation solutions with the objective of data analysis and optimization must not influence the core process to any extent whatsoever. New concepts must therefore extend the proven automation pyramid.

The NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) describes how data from intelligent sensors and actuators is called up from the field level to the cloud and evaluated in a data diode without jeopardizing the availability or security of a system. NOA enables open, secure, and scalable systems to be used in the process industry, such as our PLCnext Technology open control platform in combination with the Proficloud.

Your advantages

  • Process optimization and predictive maintenance, thanks to data analyses and evaluations in the cloud
  • Time savings in the process sequences, thanks to the targeted management of maintenance and inspection rounds
  • Resource savings during inspection rounds, thanks to push notifications with priority maintenance
  • Improved product quality, thanks to the prevention of unscheduled downtimes and the early detection of errors in the process

Monitoring infrastructure objects increases availability and optimizes maintenance

PLCnext Technology in the process industry  

PLCnext Technology in the process industry

The open, Linux-based PLCnext Technology control platform enables HART data and other protocols to be called up in parallel and without impacting the process control system. This data can be passed on as raw data or pre-processed by the controller to the Proficloud via OPC UA server.

Due to the openness of the control platform, apps from third-party providers, e.g., from sensor/actuator manufacturers, can also be integrated into the system. Intelligent algorithms evaluate the acquired data and derive appropriate maintenance concepts. With the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, monitoring and optimization tasks, and even predictive maintenance, can be easily realized – without having an influence on the core process.

Future-proof automation solution – Networked, flexible, and open

PLCnext Technology – Designed by Phoenix Contact  

PLCnext Technology – Designed by Phoenix Contact

PLCnext Technology enables the real-time combination of program sequences written in various programming languages. The patent-registered task handling function enables program routines to run in the same way as classic IEC 61131 code. High-level language programs that have, for example, been created in C/C++ or C# therefore run simultaneously with the IEC 61131 programs.

PLCnext Technology ensures consistent data exchange as well as the synchronous execution of the program code, and makes high-level language programs deterministic automatically. Developers can therefore work efficiently on individual parts of a complex application at the same time and independently from one another, and in their preferred programming language. Thus, the experience of the IEC 61131 programming experts can be coupled with new ideas and program blocks from the high-level language worlds, as well as with the knowledge of young developers from the IT environment.

Cloud solution extends the possibilities of automation

Proficloud from Phoenix Contact  

Proficloud from Phoenix Contact

All PLCnext Control devices provide a direct connection to the industrial, field-replicating Proficloud cloud system. Thanks to the deep integration of the Proficloud in PLCnext Technology, it is easily possible to utilize digital value-adding services, e.g., data analysis or predictive maintenance.

Neither the encryption nor authentication require engineering steps, meaning that data can be transmitted from the control platform to the cloud automatically. This reduces the load on control systems.

PLCnext Technology wins the Achema Innovation Award 2018

Achema Innovation Award

PLCnext Technology – Winner of the Achema Innovation Award 2018

On June 12, 2018, PLCnext Technology was awarded the Achema Innovation Award in the category MCR Technology and Process Automation. The most innovative development was selected from a shortlist of five candidates in each of a total of eight categories and three special categories.

As part of a festive award ceremony, Phoenix Contact was awarded a certificate and the coveted award for the new, innovative control platform. We are grateful and delighted to have won this award.


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