Safe control technology

Safe control technology

Safe control technology for complex systems

The high-performance solution for demanding safety tasks in complex systems: safety controllers.

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Wide range of safety functions, high numbers of I/Os, and large networks – play it safe even in demanding automation systems. With the high-performance safety controllers from Phoenix Contact, you can reliably integrate functional safety into PROFIsafe or PROFINET networks.

Your advantages

  • Control large numbers of I/Os safely and reliably, thanks to high-performance process technology
  • Uniform configuration worldwide, thanks to standardized programming in accordance with IEC 61131
  • Precise diagnostic options, thanks to integrated display
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to the wide range of interfaces and PROFIsafe support
  • Reduced wiring effort, thanks to the transmission of control and safety protocols via one Ethernet cable

High-performance safety controller

PLCnext Control RFC 4072S  

Safe controller with high performance for high-level languages

The high-performance RFC 4072S safety controller is ideal for PROFIsafe applications with the highest safety demands. Example applications include robots in the automotive industry, lifting platforms, and the adjustment of rotor blades in renewable energy technology. 

The RFC 4072S is the first high-performance controller based on PLCnext Technology, and uses independent CPUs for safety calculations. Realize standard and safety programming code in just one engineering tool with PC Worx Engineer. Extended networks with up to 300 safety-relevant devices can thus be operated.

Through the connection to Proficloud and the potential integration of open source software, all paths to IIoT are open to you.

Coupling PROFINET and PROFIsafe systems

Coupling PROFINET and PROFIsafe systems  

Coupling PROFINET and PROFIsafe systems

The PROFIsafe gateway from Phoenix Contact enables secure communication between two PROFINET networks. This means that you can implement non-proprietary functional safety, such as emergency switch-off concepts, across systems.

Gateway for PROFIsafe

PROFIsafe gateway FL PN/PN SDIO-2TX/2TX  

The PROFIsafe gateway enables secure I/O communication beyond network boundaries

The safe PROFINET gateway represents two PROFIsafe devices. The standard I/O process data is exchanged between two PROFIsafe systems via PROFINET, and safety-related I/O process data is exchanged via PROFIsafe. This makes it possible to implement manufacturer-neutral emergency stop concepts across systems.

The PROFINET gateway supports safety functions up to SIL 3 and PL e.

Safe I/Os for all common bus systems

Safe I/Os for Axioline F and Inline  

Safe I/O modules for numerous protocols

Our safety-related I/O modules impress, thanks to their flexible use. Depending on the bus coupler and safety controller, the I/O modules work with PROFIsafe in PROFINET and PROFIBUS systems.

We offer digital input and output modules as well as relay modules. These products enable you to meet high safety requirements:

  • PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)
  • SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • SILCL 3 (EN 62061)


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