Water transport and distribution

Water transport and distribution

Reliable water supply

Minimize water loss by using turn-key solutions from remote monitoring to leakage management.

In order to make the drinking water available at many locations, an extensive supply network is often required. Continuous access to all systems for control and monitoring is absolutely essential here.

With this in mind, Phoenix Contact offers turn-key solutions from remote monitoring to leakage management systems for minimizing water loss.

Your advantages

  • User-oriented process library for water management for the efficient automation of your systems
  • Ready-made function blocks for many field devices and functions
  • Effective lifecycle management, thanks to easy-to-use function blocks

Uninterruptible power supply in the distribution network

Control cabinet with uninterruptible power supply  

Continuous power supply of distributed system parts

Various stations in the distribution network need to be monitored as the water is transported to consumers. A continuous power supply is particularly important for distributed system parts.

We offer uninterruptible power supplies and batteries according to the application, with integrated IQ technology for monitoring the battery service life right up to the control system.

Wireless monitoring of reservoirs

Drinking water tank  

Connect reservoirs to the control room using wireless technology

Elevated tanks and discharge tanks for drinking water are distributed throughout remote and often inaccessible areas. The distributed installations need to be monitored in order to ensure the water supply.

Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can easily set up a connection right to the control room using wireless technology.

Consumption-oriented pressure regulation to reduce water loss

Leak in a pipeline  

Minimize leakage losses with the help of pressure regulation

The quantity of drinking water required from the network varies during the day, meaning that the flow rate and pipeline pressure are of great importance when considering leakage losses.

Together with partners, Phoenix Contact has developed a solution for minimizing losses in the pipeline. The solution is based on pressure management that does not depend on what is removed from the system.

Solutions for the water distribution network

In a water distribution network, it is essential that remote stations are continuously monitored and controlled. Phoenix Contact offers special solutions for leakage and pipeline management based on modular control technology.

In addition to data transmission, various media such as SHDSL, wireless, and mobile technology are used. The solutions support modular extension and, thanks to parameterization instead of programming, they can be easily started up.

Topology: solutions for the water distribution network

Modular control technology for leakage and pipeline management

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