Biological treatment

Biological treatment

The heart of the wastewater treatment plant

Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can ensure an optimum treatment process for wastewater.

At the heart of the wastewater treatment plant is biological treatment. Precise control of process values, such as the oxygen content in the aeration tank, is an essential requirement when it comes to the optimum treatment process for wastewater and the effective operation of the entire wastewater treatment plant.

Save energy by controlling the rate of air inflow in a targeted way. Special function block libraries, precise energy meters, secure network components, and modular control technology all help to ensure efficient system operation.

Your advantages

  • Secure communication technology, from the measuring point to the control room
  • Flexible wireless solutions with different wireless technologies for a wide range of applications, such as Trusted Wireless, Bluetooth, WLAN (IEEE 802.11) and GSM/GPRS
  • Efficient system operation, thanks to preprogrammed function blocks

Easy integration of typical measuring devices for the industry

Measuring devices and pumps  

Easy integration of typical measuring devices for the industry

Preprogrammed function blocks from the Waterworx library greatly simplify the manufacturer-independent connection of measuring devices and pumps.

The recorded measured values, such as the dosing quantity and fill level, are reliably acquired with the class 300 modular controller and are transmitted to the control system.

Wireless process data transmission

Control cabinet with products for wireless data transmission  

Wireless communication via WLAN

When modernizing system parts, such as the aeration tank, high costs often arise for the subsequent installation of cables.

Wireless communication via WLAN is a flexible and inexpensive alternative for communicating process data from the field to the control room.

Energy-efficient ventilation control

Systems for ventilation control  

Energy-efficient operation of ventilation technology

The energy-intensive oxygenation in the aeration tank is continually monitored.

Modular control solutions and the Waterworx function block library ensure energy-efficient operation of the frequency inverters and ventilation technology.

Wireless data transmission from the aeration tank to the control room

Modern wireless communication provides you with the flexibility required for every application. Process data can be exchanged between individual areas, such as the dosing station and aeration tank, via PROFINET and WLAN. All relevant process values are safely transmitted to the control room.

Topology: wireless data transmission from the aeration tank to the control room

Wireless communication allows you to transmit the process data wirelessly

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