Predictive maintenance – Solutions for monitoring pumps and motors

Pumps and motors

Comprehensive monitoring

Minimize your repair outlay and energy consumption with PumpMonitor from Phoenix Contact.

A significant part of digitalization within the framework of Industrie 4.0 is the consideration and optimization of maintenance, repairs, and energy management. The PumpMonitor from Phoenix Contact is a solution for comprehensive pump and motor monitoring.

The continuous determination of the current maintenance and repair requirements through the consideration of the relevant mechanical, electrical and hydrodynamic variables enables you to perform predictive maintenance and reduce the energy costs of your system.

Your advantages

  • Minimization of repair work, thanks to predictive maintenance taking mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic variables into consideration
  • Reduction of energy consumption, through the assimilation of system efficiency and best-fit point consideration
  • Increase in system availability through vibration and bearing image analysis

Online status monitoring

Web visualization of the system status via touch panel  

Measured value designation based on status: OK (green), warning (yellow), alarm (red)

Our PumpMonitor solution includes web visualization with an intelligent traffic light system. Thanks to the color visualization, the status of your system can be visually signaled quickly and easily.

Thus, you can see the status of your system at a glance and react immediately in the event of a malfunction. Minimize your maintenance and repair outlay, thanks to predictive maintenance.

Efficient system operation

Water pumps  

Increased system availability, thanks to comprehensive pump and motor monitoring

PumpMonitor enables you to reduce your energy costs through needs-oriented system operation. Energy-efficient operation is assured by determining the ideal system efficiency.

Recording the hydrodynamic variables enables you to extend the lifetime of your system. Thanks to the continuous monitoring of vibrations, turbulence and cavitations are detected early and avoided.

Intelligent networking

Data access via PROFICLOUD  

PROFICLOUD enables intelligent networking and data analysis

By integrating PumpMonitor into the PROFICLOUD from Phoenix Contact, you have access to your data at all times, and from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent networking opens up further options to you for analyzing your variables. With PumpMonitor, you can manage all aspects of the lifecycle of your system.

Easy implementation of predictive maintenance for your system

PumpMonitor control cabinet solution  

Quick and easy parameterization, thanks to the integrated touch panel

PumpMonitor from Phoenix Contact is an installation-ready control cabinet solution.

Bearing and machine vibrations are recorded by the integrated sensor module. Thanks to needs-based system guidance with the help of PumpMonitor, you can minimize the operational energy consumption in your system.

Integration into a superordinate control system is standardized via Profinet or OPC communication. As an option, connection to the PROFICLOUD is also possible.

Technical data

Further information on our predictive maintenance solution is to be found in the e-shop.

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