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Signal transmission and monitoring

How does the detected signal travel from the sensor to the evaluation unit? How are the measuring results evaluated there? How can the system minimize maintenance? The answers can be found on the following pages.

System interfaces and signal transmission

RJ45 Ethernet interface  

RJ45 Ethernet interface

The evaluation unit can be integrated into standard networks via the RJ45 Ethernet interface. An internal web server is used for accessing recorded data and configuring the system. The web interface is opened via the Internet browser of a PC connected to the system using IP addressing.

Remote monitoring

Display of load values on a mobile phone  

Display of load values on a mobile phone

Lightning strikes on systems that are difficult to access or remote, such as offshore wind parks, are impossible or extremely difficult to detect. The LM-S lightning monitoring system provides you with all the measuring data via an integrated web interface. This means that you can call up the load situation of the system at any time using remote access, e.g., on a smartphone.

Preventive maintenance

The evaluated data allows you to precisely estimate the actual system load. The measuring results are always up to date and enable preventative maintenance to be carried out. If damage to the system is indicated, rapid measures can be initiated to prevent secondary damage. Downtimes can be reduced or completely avoided. If the measurement results indicate minimum, uncritical system loads, this also saves unnecessary maintenance work or servicing.

Remote contact

The evaluation unit also has a switching relay with accessible remote contact. For each event, this N/C contact produces a short pulse, which can be evaluated by a counter. In this way, it is also possible to carry out a simple or additional evaluation of the number of lightning strikes that occur in the system. The relay contact only assumes its relaxed position once the system is started up. And in the event of a system malfunction, the relay drops out. In this way, the system readiness can be queried via the remote contact.

Remote contact

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