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Plug-in arresters for measurement and control technology

In measurement and control technology surge protection is a very important topic. Surge voltages are often coupled in due to the large number of signal cables installed in parallel. Depending on the structure of your system, you can use surge arresters with different designs and functions. Below you will find an overview of our plug-in surge arresters for measurement and control technology.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ: intelligent surge protection with system


Clear signal colors for the status of the protective device

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ offers you a new, forward-looking surge protection system with a variety of new features. A particularly interesting feature is the multi-stage signaling of the protective devices. Each voltage-limiting component of the protective circuit is intelligently monitored.

A yellow status signal indicates that the performance limit has been reached as a result of frequent surge voltages. The arresters continue to function and your system is still protected. Replacement is, however, recommended in order to avoid unnecessary servicing.

  • Red = replacement required
  • Yellow = replacement recommended
  • Green = arrester OK


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PLUGTRAB PT-IQ - easy installation

Watch the video and discover how quickly and easily PLUGTRAB PT-IQ can be wired and integrated into a remote signaling concept.

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The advantages of PLUGTRAB PT-IQ

  • Predictive monitoring – thanks to a microprocessor-controlled monitoring system.
  • Vibration-resistant installation – the new locking mechanism provides a secure hold even for installations in harsh environments.
  • Error-free installation – voltage coding and protection against polarity reversal makes incorrect connection impossible.
  • Space-saving installation – up to five signal wires can be protected on a design width of just 17.5 mm.
  • Quick installation – the DIN rail connector transmits the power supply and status information. This reduces wiring effort considerably.
  • Unlimited extension – one controller supplies up to 28 protection modules with voltage via the DIN rail connector. After 28 modules an additional controller must be installed in order to supply power.
  • Energy efficient – as the green LEDs on all protection modules can be switched off centrally at the controller.
  • Variable connection technology – choose between conventional screw connection or convenient push-in connection technology.
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PLUGTRAB PT: compact and flexible

PLUGTRAB PT from Phoenix Contact  

Universal plug-in capability

If a predictive monitoring system such as PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is not required, you can also use PLUGTRAB PT modules in your system.

Protect up to five signal cables against surge voltage on a design width of 17.5 mm. Furthermore, PLUGTRAB PT modules are also suitable for use in the Ex area.

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COMTRAB modular: can be configured for up to 10 double wires

Surge protection for measurement and control technology with COMTRAB modular from Phoenix Contact  

Configurable protection

The COMTRAB modular product range from Phoenix Contact consists of protective plugs with protective circuits for various interfaces. One magazine accommodates up to 10 protective plugs.

The assembled magazine is inserted in a base element or in an LSA-PLUS disconnect strip.

Combination of plugs and magazine

The protective plugs have been developed as stand-alone individual modules. This means that they can also be used without a magazine, however an additional grounding rail is required. Nevertheless, combining plugs and a magazine is more convenient.

Simply snap the plugs into the magazine to create a single unit. The individual plugs can, of course, also be removed from the magazine.

Plug types

The choice is yours:

  • Plugs with combined coarse and fine protection circuit for floating double wires
  • Single-sided grounded signals and ISDN interfaces

In addition, a coarse protection plug protects interfaces with higher dielectric strength or is used as the first protection stage, for example, at transfer points in a lightning protection zone concept.

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Advantages of plug-in capability at a glance

Plug-in arresters offer huge advantages:

  • Servicing without disconnection
  • Safe insertion and contacting
  • Maximum installation safety
  • Easy and inexpensive replacement
  • All plugs can be tested with the CHECKMASTER
  • Space-saving installation

When choosing surge protection for measurement and control technology, you need a convenient installation concept: use two-part devices, i.e., a base element or magazine and a protective plug.

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