Stackable power distribution

Stackable power distribution

Compact power distribution

Flexible power supply for your system in a compact design.

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Do you need to extend the power supply for your system in a minimum amount of space? This can be achieved using stable and stackable DUPLICON connectors from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantages

  • High degree of safety, thanks to IP67 protection and suppression of electromagnetic interference
  • Flexible system expansion, thanks to stackable housing
  • Save an entire jumpering level, thanks to direct PCB connection
  • Flexible cable outlet direction, thanks to the square design of the housing

Systematic stacking

DUPLICON system configuration  

DUPLICON system configuration

Remain flexible: benefit from the advantages of the DUPLICON stackable system. With just a few components, the system is extremely practical and easy to assemble.

  • PCB contact insert – power supply directly from the PCB to several connectors
  • Robust panel mounting base – also designed to accommodate several stackable housings
  • Stackable contact insert – with screw connection for conductor cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 4 mm² (conductor cross sections up to 6 mm² without ferrule)
  • Stackable housing – three cable outlet directions thanks to the square design
  • Removable cover – check your system power supply even while plugged in

Extend your existing system in minutes: remove the cover, insert another plug – and you're done!

Contact inserts

DUPLICON contact inserts  

DUPLICON contact inserts

You can design numerous applications using stackable contact inserts. The modular contact inserts are particularly suitable for use on drives.

  • The square design of the housing enables flexible cable outlet directions.
  • The completely vibration-resistant locking latch can withstand the harshest operating conditions.
  • The requirements of railway standard EN 50155 are met.
  • The hinged retaining frames are equipped with capacitive PE contacts and can accommodate up to three modular contact inserts from the standard range.
  • The housing has one or two cable entries in various sizes, depending on the cable entry type.


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Modular power distribution

Space-saving and flexible power distribution.

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