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Greater availability, less servicing work: The CHARX control rcm (Residual Current Monitoring) monitors AC charging points in accordance with IEC 62752 permanently for AC and DC residual currents, thereby increasing electrical safety. In the event of a fault, the module aborts the charging process and protects the electric vehicle and charging station. Once the residual current is no longer present, the module automatically resets the charging controller. This increases the availability of the charging station and prevents cost-intensive servicing. In addition, there is no need for an expensive type B residual current device.

Your advantages:

  • Increased availability and service life of charging points with continuous residual current monitoring
  • Universal residual current detection with just one measuring transducer
  • Use and continued operation of a cost-effective type A residual current device possible
  • Convenient state monitoring and automatic reset in the event of errors (in combination with Phoenix Contact charging controllers)

CHARX control rcm basic single charging points

Single-channel RCM module for residual current monitoring of one charging point  

CHARX control rcm basic single-channel RCM module

The single-channel CHARX control rcm basic module with one measuring sensor is specifically designed for a single charging point.

In conjunction with type A residual current safety devices, this version is ideal for use in simple charging points for home use.

Application example: Private home charger

Illustration of the setup of a home charger with residual current monitoring  

Private home charger with CHARX control rcm basic

With the aid of a single-channel RCM module, a compact single charging point, for example a home charger for private use, can detect residual currents and stop the charging process.

This ensures the long-term durability of the charging station.


CHARX control rcm compact for double charging points

Two-channel RCM module for residual current monitoring of two separate charging points  

CHARX control rcm compact two-channel RCM module

The two-channel CHARX control rcm compact module is used for universal residual current detection for two separate charging points in one charging station.

The separate monitoring using two measuring sensors increases the availability of charging points in a commercial environment. Save space and money with separate signal evaluation in one RCM unit.

Application example: Commercial charging station

Illustration of the setup of a charging station with separate charging points and residual current monitoring  

Commercial double charging point with CHARX control rcm compact

This two-channel RCM module provides the option of monitoring two separate charging points within a charging station separately from each for potential residual currents.

Operators of commercial charging infrastructures thus benefit from increased availability.

Advantages in combination with the CHARX control charging controllers

CHARX control basic and CHARX control advanced charging controllers  

CHARX control basic and CHARX control advanced charging controllers

Connecting the RCM modules to the CHARX control basic or CHARX control advanced charging controllers allows convenient state monitoring as well as automatic charging controller resetting as soon as the residual current is no longer present.

As a result, you avoid costly servicing and ensure that the charging point is immediately available again for further charging processes. Furthermore, you achieve the required protection against electric shock when charging electric vehicles in accordance with IEC 61851-1 and DIN VDE 0100-722.

Additional CHARX products for AC charging infrastructure

Electric car at a charging station  

We provide a comprehensive portfolio for charging electric vehicles

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio for setting up powerful AC charging stations or complete charging parks. Along with the products described here, we also provide:

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