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Management tool: FL SNMP OPC agent

The SNMP OPC agent enables seamless vertical integration. This means that OPC-based automation systems can be integrated into existing SNMP management structures. You can therefore monitor the operating states of Ethernet components with the central management system, for example.

Vertical integration and central monitoring

Vertical integration  

Vertical integration and central control

You can also monitor non-SNMP-compatible components in your network with the central management system.

The SNMP OPC agent can manage individual OPC-based machines, systems or buildings centrally via SNMP.

You can therefore read each OPC data point at any time and even integrate non-SNMP-compatible devices into your network.       

Reliable configuration even in redundant systems

Network construction and configuration in redundant systems  

Reliable communication – with redundant management systems

Using multiple management systems you also have access to the data points and alarms for your devices at all times and from any location.

The SNMP OPC agent ensures that all information arrives at the higher-level control system even in redundant management systems. This means that you can configure your system reliably at several locations.  

SNMP OPC protocol translator – for comprehensive communication

Generate SNMP data from OPC data  

Generate SNMP traps from OPC data

You can also receive SNMP traps from non-SNMP-compatible devices. The SNMP OPC agent acts as a protocol translator and converts data from OPC-based devices into SNMP data.

Example: an SNMP trap is generated from an OPC alarm

Your advantage: you can also process data from non-SNMP-compatible devices in the network management system.

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