Modular safety relay system

Modular safety relay system

Safety – as easy as a modular system

The tailor-made safety system is perfectly adapted to your safety functions.

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The PSRmodular provides functional safety based on the modular principle, enabling you to design your safety system exactly as required. In combination with the master safety relay and the DIN rail connector, this is the flexible solution for the tailored integration of functional safety.

Your advantages

  • Optimize safety devices, as only one master safety relay is required for various different functions
  • Quick and reliable startup, thanks to automatic operating mode detection
  • Can be individually adapted with switch contacts that can be extended
  • No time-consuming cross-wiring, thanks to the DIN rail connector

Modular and flexible protection for machines

Extendable PSRmodular safety relay system  

Can be flexibly extended to up to 42 contacts

The PSRmodular safety system is based on the PSR-SDC4 master safety relay. You can therefore reliably monitor emergency stop, safety doors or light grids. Up to ten additional safety relays can be connected to the master relay via the DIN rail connector. This eliminates the need for configuration, as the master relay detects all operating modes automatically.

You can therefore implement a safety system with a maximum of 42 contacts quickly and cost-effectively.

The time relays for functional safety have an adjustable dropout delay of 0.3 to 30 seconds.

Interface for functional safety

Safety system with PSR-SIM4 input modules  

Provide more contacts quickly and easily with PSR-SIM4 input modules

Extend your PSRmodular safety system as required. With the PSR-SIM4 input module, you can integrate eight additional inputs, e.g., for four safety doors, without any wiring or configuration effort.

Functional safety directly in the field

PSR-SACB sensor box  

Ideal for functional safety in harsh industrial environments

Do you need a robust input module in order to retrieve your safety signals directly in the field? Then the PSR-SACB sensor box is the ideal solution.

For example, you can connect four safety door switches, each with one N/C contact and one N/O contact, to the compact modules with degree of protection IP65/IP67.

LEDs clearly indicate the status of the connected contacts. Messages are sent via the outputs Y1 to Y4.

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