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Flexible integration

Flexible integration

We offer suitable interface solutions for numerous applications.

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Are your automation solutions or I/O components also coupled to other systems? We offer interfaces and drivers for this purpose that are available free of charge or for purchase.

Your advantages

  • Flexible integration in numerous higher-level systems, thanks to the standardized interface
  • Straightforward communication with I/O devices from a high-level language application, thanks to C# driver interface
  • Secure communication, also in distributed networks, across firewall boundaries with OPC UA

OPC UA interface

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a new communication protocol that combines all the functions of OPC Classic into a new standard. By doing so, any existing limitations of the Classic technology have been removed. By using a standardized protocol on the basis of TCP/IP, simple porting to other operating systems is guaranteed. Firewalls can be adapted to UA communication. Authentication via certificates ensures the required level of security. The OPC UA name space does not only transfer variables, but also information on types and structures, so as to optimize engineering procedures in the best possible way.

Software PC Worx UA server  

PC Worx UA server

OPC UA server for controllers

The PC Worx UA server is also designed for large installations with up to 200 controllers. Many thousands of data points can be exchanged quickly and safely with UA-compatible clients. A security concept based on certificates protects against unauthorized access, manipulation, and operating errors. The corresponding configurator therefore defines not only the controllers, but also supports the user when creating and distributing certificates. Diagnostic times display the internal communication states in such a way that incorrect configuration or connection failures can be found quickly and effectively.

OPC Classic interfaces

OPC Foundation  

Worldwide standard: OPC

Phoenix Contact provides various OPC servers for different device families and areas of application. The OPC standard is integrated into countless software tools worldwide and is used in diverse applications. With the OPC servers, you can conveniently access information on devices and controllers from any control system as well as from asset management tools or quality management and data acquisition systems.

Software AX OPC server  

AX OPC server

OPC server for PC Worx-programmable controllers

With the AX OPC server, you can access all the variables of a PC Worx-based controller that are selected for OPC-exchange. The OPC names are automatically synchronized with the variable names in the current project. The AX OPC server supports all PC Worx-programmable controllers. 

For use in applications which require high availability, synchronization functions are integrated for automatic switching of redundant controllers.



OPC server for Ethernet infrastructure devices 
(switches and other SNMP-capable devices)

Virtually all infrastructure components are now configured and monitored using the SNMP protocol. For this reason, fast diagnostics play an important role. The FL SNMP OPC server from Phoenix Contact also integrates these devices into higher-level OPC-based visualizations. The OPC server has an integrated MIB (Management Information Base) browser, with which you can select the values to be visualized.

AX ODP server software  

AX ODP server

OPC server for remote control stations

ODP (Open Data Port) is a remote control protocol that integrates controllers with the help of the Resy+ block library or independent SMS relays from Phoenix Contact into one control system. ODP supports Ethernet and modem communication or even GPRS data services. 

In the event that a connection is lost, the data is stored temporarily and resent later with a time stamp. The AX ODP server converts the data information into a OPC name space. This allows the data to be searched via OPC and easily integrated into any OPC-compatible control systems.

C# driver for Ethernet-based I/O devices and INTERBUS controller boards

HFI and DDI  

HFI driver interface with C# class library

Do you want to access Phoenix Contact I/O devices from a high-level language application? Then use the free HFI (High-Level Language Fieldbus Interface) driver interface for Windows-based operating systems with .NET environment.

The HFI driver interface offers a simple C# class library. Signal changes can therefore be logged. These signals can be read in and output via INTERBUS PC controller boards or Ethernet-compatible Inline, Axioline or Fieldline I/O stations.

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