Charging park management software

Charging park management software

Intelligent and future-proof

The EV Charging Suite combines all of the functions in a single software package.

The EV Charging Suite software forms the interface between the driver, charging park, grid operator, and backend provider. In addition to load management, it supports the convenient management of charging points and users, various authorization methods, and a consumption-based billing system via the back end provider.

Your advantages

  • Intelligent load management ensures optimum distribution of the connected load and prevents overloads
  • Easy startup, configuration, and monitoring for your charging park via web interface
  • Future-proof and scalable, thanks to the easy addition and management of charging points
  • Reliable logging of all charging procedures via OCPP for real-time visualization and precise billing
  • Convenient integration into superordinate building and energy management systems

Intelligent load management for greater availability

The integrated load management system ensures optimum distribution of the available connected load to the charging points. Firstly, this prevents the main breaker from being triggered by an overload, ensuring the availability of your charging park. Also, you avoid high surcharges that can arise if you exceed the contractually agreed maximum power.

Charging park with multiple charging points and central terminal with touch panel  

Charging park with multiple charging points, among which the connected load is distributed. User navigation and authorization is performed via the central touch terminal.

Easy and convenient configuration via web browser

Your charging park can be started up, configured, and monitored via a standard web browser. You can use a regular PC in your control center for this, and you can also perform remote maintenance tasks via a tablet or smartphone.

Control center with monitors showing the EV Charging Suite web interface  

Controlling and monitoring the charging park via web browser in a control center

Add new charging points, create users with different roles and privileges, and set the load distribution based on your requirements. In addition, a wide range of diagnostic and status information can be called up for each charging point. You can view the logged charging data and can also export it for external evaluation.

Inquiry regarding your charging park project

Are you involved in planning or building charging parks and are you looking for a solution to the problem of charging and load management? We will be happy to advise you and discuss your project-specific requirements with you.

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Customer statement regarding EV Charging Suite

GP Joule has chosen Phoenix Contact as its charging management provider.

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