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Repeater power supply - MINI MCR-SL-RPSS-I-I - 2864079

MCR repeater power supply with HART transmission, input signal 4...20 mA, output signal 4...20 mA, with screw connection.

Repeater power supply - MINI MCR-SL-RPSS-I-I-SP - 2810230

MCR repeater power supply with HART transmission, input signal: 4 mA...20 mA, output signal: 4 mA...20 mA, with spring-cage connection. Replacement part: 2902015 MINI MCR-2-RPSS-I-I-PT.

Repeater power supply - MINI MCR-SL-RPS-I-I - 2864422

MCR repeater power supplies, screw connection, input signal: (0)4..20 mA, output signal: (0)4..20 mA

3 Results

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