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Nut - WP-CN BRASS PG29 - 3241157

Nut, height: 4 mm, color: silver

Nut - WP-CN PA PG16 BK - 3241227

Nut, height: 6 mm, color: black

Cable binder base - WT-BASE LS HF 4 BK - 3240707

Cable binder base, for cable binders up to 4 mm wide, self-adhesive (rubber) and screwable, 4 mm fixing hole, 4-sided cable binder feed-through

Protective hose fixing bracket - WP-BASE A M40 - 3241087

Fixing bracket for protective sleeves, fixed with two screws

Transition sleeve from hose to cable - WP-EC TPE HF 10,0 BK - 3240974

End sleeves, transition sleeves, from hose to cable

Nut - WP-CN PA PG21 - 3241142

Nut, height: 7 mm, color: gray

Cable protection end sleeve - WP-SC BRASS 27 - 3241069

End sleeves as cable protection, made of brass

462 Results

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