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Safety controller - RFC 470S PN 3TX - 2916794

Remote field controller with 3 x 10/100 Ethernet, INTERBUS master, PROFINET controller with integrated PROFIsafe safety controller, PROFINET device, IP20 protection, plug-in parameterization memory

Safety controller - SAFETY SLC 400 PND-4TX-IB - 2985563

In the PROFINET system, the SAFETY SLC 400 PND-4TX-IB with a safe control system adopts the function of a link between the higher-level PROFINET system, e.g. ILC 390 PN 2TX-IB and a lower-level INTERBUS Safety system or a standard INTERBUS system.

Security gateway - FL PN/PN SDIO-2TX/2TX - 2700651

Safe PROFINET gateway, IP20 protection, for connecting two PROFINET systems, up to 128 byte standard I/O process data via PROFINET, up to 11 byte safe I/O process data via PROFIsafe

3 Results

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