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Head-mounted transducer - MCR-SL-HT-PT 100-I - 2864516

Measurement and control temperature transducer, for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance-type sensors, and voltage sensors. For Pt 100 resistance temperature detectors.

Head-mounted transducer - MCR-FL-HT-T-I - 2864529

MCR head-mounted temperature transducers: Programmable loop-powered temperature transducers for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance-type sensors and voltage sensors

Adapter - MCR-DIN-RAIL-ADAPTER HT - 2864671

DIN rail adapter for head-mounted transducers. Suitable for 35 mm DIN rails in accordance with EN 60715.

Programming adapter - MCR-PAC-T-USB - 2309000

Programming adapter with USB and T port interface, 2.4 m for programming FA MCR-..., MCR-...-LP-..., and MCR-...-HT-... modules

Display - FA MCR-HT-D - 2908735

Display unit for plugging directly into the FA MCR-... head transmitter

Electronic housing - FA MCR-HT-FH - 2908736

Field housing for the installation of head transmitters with or without display unit. For direct connection to the process.

Mounting kit - FA MCR-HT-FH-WM - 2908737

Wall fastening for FA MCR-HT-FH field housing

Mounting kit - FA MCR-HT-FH-PM - 2908738

Pipe fastening for FA MCR-HT-FH field housing

Head-mounted transducer - FA MCR-HT-TS-I-OLP-PT - 2908742

The output-loop-powered head transmitter transmits up to two sensor signals from RTD and TC sensors as well as from resistance-type sensors and voltage sensors and via HART_communication or 4 ... 20 mA, configurable. SIL2/3

Cable adapter - GW HART USB MODEM - 1003824

USB HART modem cable for communication between a PC and HART devices, cable length: 1m.

10 Results

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