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Screw plug - PROT-MS SCO - 1553129

M12 screw plug with SPEEDCON quick locking for unoccupied M12 sockets of the sensor/actuator cables, boxes and flush-type connectors

Screw plug - PROT-M12 - 1680539

An M12 screw plug for the unoccupied M12 sockets of the sensor/actuator cable, boxes and flush-type connectors


End sealing for AS-Interface flat-ribbon conductor, can be used on both sides, color:Black

Mounting plate - FLM MP 5 - 2736660

Fieldline Modular mounting plate for 5 Fieldline Modular devices

Adapter - FLM ADAP M12/M8 - 2736961

Adapter for connecting Fieldline Modular M8 devices to a Fieldline Modular M12 local bus

Manual addressing device - ASI CC ADR - 2741338

Manual addressing device, for AS-i modules

Cable for programming - ASI CC ADR CAB CINCH - 2741341

Cinch connecting cable, for addressing FLX ASI M12 devices

Connector set - IBS CCO-R/L - 2759883

M23 solder connection for bus connector set, male/female connector, 9-pos. (8+1)

Connector set - IBS CCO-PSM/L - 2759906

M23 power supply connector, male connector, 6-pos.

46 Results

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