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Project to merge safety standards EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061 halted


Functional safety  

The IEC/ISO 17305 international standardization project has been halted until further notice

The IEC/ISO 17305 international standardization project has been halted until further notice. The aim of the project was to merge the two standards for functional safety, namely EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061.

Crucially, the project was stopped because it was not possible to achieve the objectives for the standardization project on time with respect to the challenges that still needed to be addressed.

Parallel to this, standard EN ISO 13849-1 has undergone further development. Almost ten years since its first publication, a revised version will soon appear, which should significantly improve the readability and applicability of the standard. It is not expected that existing safety-related control parts will have to be evaluated again. The main changes include:

  • Taking the probability of a hazardous event occurring into consideration when determining the required performance level (PL)
  • Simplified procedure for determining the PL for the output part of the safety-related control part
  • Dealing with requirements for safety-related embedded software (SRESW) when using standard components
  • Raising the MTTFD limit for category 4 to 2500 years
  • Test rate and quality of the test channel for category 2

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