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PCB terminal blocks for PROFINET


PCB terminal blocks for PROFINET  

PCB terminal blocks for PROFINET

Phoenix Contact is now offering the first PCB terminal block for PROFINET-compliant data transmission.

Each of the 4-pos. MKDS 1, SPTAF 1, ZFKDS 1,5C and SPT 2,5 PCB terminal blocks have been designed specially for the connection of twisted pair conductors with cross sections of 0.14 mm² to 4 mm². The conductor connection is made either via spring-cage connection (ZFKDS 1,5C), screw connection (MKDS 1), or Push-in spring connection (SPTAF 1 and SPT 2,5). Printed or color-coded connection points enable easy assignment of the conductors. All variants satisfy the requirements of the PROFINET directive, version 4.00, and are suitable for secure data transmission in accordance with CAT5 (IEC 11801). The angled variants of the ZFKDS 1,5C series, and the horizontal and vertical PCB terminal blocks of the SPT 2,5 series are also approved for use in explosion proof areas in accordance with IEC 60079-7. The PROFINET-compliant PCB terminal blocks extend the range of existing field and device connectors, such as M12 and RJ45, and provide efficient connection solutions for devices in the process industry, such as flow transmitters.

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