Eduline combination

Eduline combination

Collaborative learning

Learning basic and system technologies across trades.

Your advantages

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary learning
  • Space-saving combination of different trades
  • Ideal teaching system for training in basic and system technologies
  • Combination teaching aids for Eduline modular and Eduline system as well as other teaching aids
Mobile teaching material carriers in the qualification department  

Mobile teaching material carriers in the qualification department

Eduline combination is the interdisciplinary Eduline teaching material system. It enables the combination of Eduline modular and Eduline system teaching material together with other teaching material of the same or cross-trade orientation.

In addition to training in basic and system technologies in the field of electrical engineering and automation with Eduline, the classic content of electrical installation technology and electro-pneumatic content can also be conveyed using examples such as the mobile multi-rack. Linking various trades and technologies achieves greater interdisciplinary transparency in identifying potential solutions.

The possibility of combining elements to use space more efficiently promotes the core competencies of Industrie 4.0 (technical, methodological, social, and personal). Eduline combination is the first stage in the demonstration of a real industrial process.


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