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Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact

Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact

"We are experiencing sweeping changes due to digitalization. In the face of this, only those who grasp the opportunities and explore these new horizons will be successful.

At the heart of digitalization is the intelligent networking of business processes, systems, components, of all things and people. This networking creates new autonomous self-optimizing systems with enormous potential for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Phoenix Contact is already exploiting this potential now in in-house applications. Based on the experiences gained from this work, we are developing new products and solutions that will support you on your journey toward digitalization.

Our Highlights 2018 brochure provides you with a few examples: from smart connectors, through to our control platform for the digital future, and easy access to the cloud."

Even more innovations

Our engineers are constantly developing new products – this year is no different. Discover more than 120 new innovations by following these links:

New technologies – new possibilities

New solutions for the digital future are born from the area of conflict where a compromise must be found between the potential of new technologies and your requirements.

Innovations on your tablet


Thanks to the PHOENIX CONTACT magazine app, you can even discover the highlights and new products for 2018 on your tablet:

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