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Compact CCS charging cables


Electric vehicle being charged with DC current at the DC home charging station in a carport  

The compact charging connector design has been specifically developed for modern DC home charging stations

Fast and convenient charging with CCS C-Line: The new family of compact CCS charging cables from Phoenix Contact is particularly well suited for DC charging at home, at the restaurant, and at the store.

In comparison to conventional AC charging, DC charging saves on expensive electronics in the electric vehicle, and is also faster and more efficient. Therefore, these advantages will be utilized increasingly in homes in the future, as well as in front of restaurants, supermarkets, and in parking lots, where customers often park their electric vehicles from anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours. Charging power in the lower range is entirely sufficient to charge the electric vehicle’s battery during this time frame.

The new compact DC charging cables are rated for charging powers up to 80 kilowatts. With their sophisticated design and compact dimensions, the charging connectors are consistently designed for modern DC home charging stations in garages and carports as well as small DC charging stations in the public and commercial sector. The design of the charging connector does not just feature a contemporary style – it is also functionally well-developed. The ergonomic shape of the gripping zone ensures easy handling and a comfortable feel.

Moreover, an intelligent sealing concept prevents moisture from penetrating into the connector or the cable. High-quality materials ensure the necessary robustness in outdoor use. The charging cables comply with the established Combined Charging System (CCS), and can therefore be used practically anywhere in the world. They are available for CCS type 1 and CCS type 2 applications.

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