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New power modules for the charging infrastructure


30 kW module for the charging station  

30 kW module for the charging station

With the CHARX power fast-charging DC modules, Phoenix Contact offers efficient DC power electronics for fast charging stations. The new 30 kW modules are available as AC/DC converters and DC/DC converters.

Install them directly into your charging station to provide a stable power supply for charging your electric car. With their 19″ standard dimensions as well as Push-Lock and T-LOX fast-connection technology, they ensure fast installation and servicing. An efficiency rate of over 95% plus the high power density and innovative design result in economical, space-saving operation. The new fast-charging DC modules feature a CAN bus interface and meet all the European safety standards and EMC standards. The modules are galvanically isolated and can be interconnected. This gives you the ability to configure your charging park flexibly with scalable charging capacities.

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