Differential current monitoring

Single and two-channel RCM modules for differential current monitoring

Universal residual current monitoring

RCM modules make it possible to detect AC and DC residual currents using a measuring sensor.

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E-mobility differential residual current modules of the EV-RCM series detect AC and DC residual currents according to the requirements of IEC 62752. In combination with existing residual current devices, the modules increase the voltage protection level required by the standard when charging electric vehicles. An optional connection to charging controllers from Phoenix Contact enables convenient status monitoring as well.

Your advantages:

  • Universal residual current detection with a measuring transducer
  • Use and continued operation of type A residual current circuit breaker possible
  • High system availability thanks to continuous differential current monitoring
  • Status monitoring in conjunction with Phoenix Contact charging controllers
  • Optional feedback using Phoenix Contact charging controllers in the event of errors
  • Single-channel or two-channel RCM versions

EV RCM Basic

Single-channel RCM module for residual current monitoring of a charging point  

Single-channel RCM module

The single-channel EV RCM module is designed with a measuring sensor specifically for one charging point. In conjunction with residual current safety devices (RCD type A), this version is ideal for use in simple charging points for home use (e.g. wall boxes).

EV RCM Compact

Two-channel RCM module for differential current monitoring for two separate charging points  

Two-channel RCM module

The compact version of the EV RCM series is used for universal residual current detection for two separate charging points in one charging station. The separate monitoring using two measuring sensors increases the availability of charging points in a commercial environment. Separate signal evaluation in one RCM unit provides space-saving and cost benefits.

Residual current detection when charging electric vehicles

Residual current detection when charging electric vehicles

Residual current safety devices (RCD type A) on the infrastructure side are an essential component of the required safety measures. These safety devices shut off if alternating or pulsing residual currents > 30 mA occur (personnel and plant protection). In the event of potential DC residual current ≥ 6 mA, such as from an insulation fault in a vehicle, appropriate actions must be taken for each charging point in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-722; 2013 and IEC 64/1846; 2012 Low-voltage electrical installations, Part 7-722: Requirements for special installations or locations (Supply of electric vehicle).

The universal RCM modules from Phoenix Contact detect DC and AC residual current and provide additional protection during vehicle charging in conjunction with existing residual current safety devices. Optional status monitoring and resetting of the RCM module are possible in conjunction with the charging controllers from Phoenix Contact.

Application example: Residual current monitoring for a charging station for home use

Display of the setup of a wall box with differential current monitoring  

Setup of a wall box with differential current monitoring

Even a home charging station can detect residual currents using a single-channel RCM module from Phoenix Contact and use this information to shut off the charging point. This ensures long-term durability of a compact charging point for use at home.

Application example: Residual current monitoring of commercial charging points

Display of the setup of a charging station with separate charging points and residual current monitoring  

Charging infrastructure with 2-channel RCM module

A two-channel RCM module provides the option of monitoring two separate charging points within a charging station separately from each other in terms of any potential residual current. This allows commercial charging infrastructure to profit from higher availability.

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