Industrial WLAN

Flexible wireless solution

Flexible wireless solution

WLAN – the standard for wireless Ethernet. Benefit from the advantages of this well-established technology in industrial applications.

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Benefit from flexible and reliable automation solutions – with industrial WLAN products from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantages

  • Create industrial WLAN networks easily and reliably – with intuitive planning and configuration concepts
  • Particularly secure, thanks to the latest security standards and encryption
  • Ideal for networks with a large number of devices, thanks to powerful technology
  • Suitable for time-critical applications, such as PROFINET or safety, thanks to low latency and QoS (Quality of Service) prioritization
  • Maximum mobility: with fast roaming functions
  • Flexible in physical terms, thanks to ranges covering several kilometers
Wireless factory automation

Flexible autonomous transport systems in intralogistics

Radio-controlled transport system in a high bay warehouse  

Warehouse shuttles communicate wirelessly

Shorter delivery times and diminishing quantities not only represent a huge challenge to online shops and the associated logistics service providers. Autonomous transport systems, warehouse shuttles, and carry systems that move independently in the plant increase flexibility and improve efficiency. Industrial wireless systems are the solution for reliable communication between central controllers and carry systems. Discover the possibilities with Industrial Wireless in intralogistics:

  • Fast roaming
  • Realtime communication between the controller and carry system
  • Sufficient reserve even for data-intensive applications

Smart devices in factory automation

Wireless machine access with smart devices  

Wireless machine access with smart devices

In the private domain, tablets and smartphones are now the norm. Now they are having an ever stronger impact on industry. Users also want to use their smart device for operating data acquisition and diagnostics, and sometimes even for the programming and operation of machines and systems. Benefit from industrial wireless systems for:

  • Convenient visualization of machine data on smart devices
  • Easy and efficient remote maintenance with smart devices
  • Intuitive control and operation via smart devices

Ethernet as the fieldbus in the machine

Moving machine parts in a factory  

Robust communication with moving machine parts via wireless

Due to its numerous advantages, Ethernet is increasingly being used as the fieldbus in the machine. The use of Ethernet means that transmission via a collector wire is no longer possible. Benefit from all the opportunities provided by Industrial Ethernet to integrate mobile and hard-to-access machine parts into your network using wireless:

  • Easy and inexpensive wireless network construction
  • Low-maintenance and wear-free communication with moving machine parts and in harsh industrial environments
  • Safe wireless communication via SafetyBridge or PROFINET and PROFIsafe

Networks covering several kilometers

Bridge long distances with wireless technology  

Bridge long distances with wireless technology

Combine our WLAN devices with the extensive range of industrial antennas and accessories. This enables stable and high-performance data links to be set up over distances of up to several kilometers. There are a wide range of possible applications:

  • Connection of automation components and sensors in remote plants via Ethernet
  • Supplying buildings that are difficult to access or temporary buildings with an Ethernet connection
  • Increasing the failsafe performance of wired networks, thanks to redundant wireless paths

High security standards reliably protect all your WLAN Ethernet networks against unauthorized access.

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