Autonomous energy supply

Autonomous energy supply

For challenging conditions

Robust solutions and components for hybrid photovoltaic systems withstand even the most adverse environmental influences.

Along with supplying private households, hybrid photovoltaic systems are also used in the industrial environment, for example for sea water desalination, in mining, in agricultural operations, and for supplying energy to remote holiday resorts.

Hybrid photovoltaic systems are frequently installed under extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, along with the energy generation units, the accumulator, and the inverter, the devices required for controlling and regulating these units must also be able to withstand the harsh ambient conditions. The solutions and components from Phoenix Contact are ideal in terms of meeting these requirements.

Your advantages

  • Enhanced efficiency of your hybrid photovoltaic system, thanks to the monitoring and acquisition of energy and performance data
  • Highly flexible, thanks to the modular expansion of the small-scale controllers and the wide range of functions of the I/O systems
  • Serial protocols for communicating with inverters

Measuring energy

Power measurement terminal in the application  

All flows of energy are recorded with the power measurement terminal

The power measurement terminal for the tried-and-tested Inline I/O system records all voltages, currents, and power generated by the hybrid photovoltaic systems.

This means that you can obtain industry-proven automation and energy measurement components from a single source. The power measurement terminal enables alternating current values to be analyzed. Instantaneous values can be recorded and then evaluated.

Energy regulation

Small-scale controller in the application  

The small-scale controller enables efficient energy management

The Phoenix Contact small-scale controllers can be used not only to regulate the complete hybrid photovoltaic systems, but also to implement continuous monitoring and efficient energy management.

They provide the option of connecting I/O signals or Modbus nodes. Additional controllers and systems can also be connected via the Ethernet interface.

Data interfaces

I/O systems in the application  

Quick and easy data linking via I/O components

A wide range of I/O modules and various function terminals suitable for all applications are available.

For example, you can record analog and digital data with one panel each, which can be flexibly mounted on the controller.

Supplying energy, even in remote regions

To ensure the reliable operation of hybrid photovoltaic systems, all components of the system must be optimally coordinated. A Phoenix Contact small-scale controller can be used to control and regulate the entire application.

It works like an energy manager and ensures that the energy volumes required by the consumer are available at the right place and at the right time.

Autonomous energy supply

Automation solutions are available at all times, even under extreme ambient conditions


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