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Maximum freedom in network design – with the WirelessHART gateway

The WirelessHART gateway from Phoenix Contact is your solution for easily integrating difficult to access sensors into your network.

Innovative technology for flexibility and easy operation

WirelessHART gateway  

The WirelessHART gateway from Phoenix Contact

In accordance with the HART standard, our WirelessHART gateway consists of an access point, a network manager, and a gateway.

The access point establishes the connection to the various devices wirelessly. The network manager is the software that controls the meshed network, optimizes data traffic, and ensures security and authentication for field devices.

The gateway is the portal between the system network or host system and the WirelessHART network. It includes the physical Ethernet interface as well as the Modbus/TCP protocol.    

Gateway connection with WLAN technology or Ethernet

Gateway with integrated 802.11b/g-WLAN-Transceiver  

High-performance wireless communication via WLAN

The WirelessHART gateway is equipped with an integrated 802.11b/g WLAN transceiver. You can therefore easily connect up to 250 WirelessHART field devices via the Ethernet port or the WLAN client transceiver. This eliminates the use of expensive cables for the Ethernet connection. 

The device converts HART data to Modbus TCP. This means that you can integrate your devices in all common asset management systems.

Configuration and diagnostics can be implemented easily using a standard web browser, thanks to the integrated web server. RF link relays and the RSSI test point offer additional diagnostic options, enabling you to check the status of the WLAN connection and the signal strength.

The security of your WirelessHART communication is ensured by 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. The WLAN data is encrypted via WEP, WPA or WPA2/802.11i.

Easy installation, thanks to HART-to-Modbus-TCP table

HART to Modbus-TCP logo  

Less configuration work, thanks to HART-to-Modbus-TCP table

The advantages of the WirelessHART gateway are easy installation and startup. This is achieved by converting HART data in the Modbus TCP register. As soon as the device is connected, a Modbus IP is assigned and a standardized addressing scheme is used.

This results in less configuration work for you.    

Reliable redundancy function and inexpensive network construction

Reliable redundancy functions  

Reliable redundancy functions

The WirelessHART gateway offers an integrated WLAN client that enables you to save on Ethernet cabling to the control room. In addition, the gateways can be easily installed directly in the field.

WLAN and LAN interfaces can be operated in parallel on the WirelessHART gateway, as both interfaces are configured with unique IP addresses. 

The advantage for you is that the WLAN interface can be used as a backup connection to the LAN connection and redundant communication is therefore possible.

Mobile access to WirelessHART gateways and devices

Mobile access  

Mobile access via WLAN-compatible devices

You can also configure the WirelessHART gateway in ad hoc mode. In this mode, you can access the gateway directly with another WLAN-compatible device without having to use a WLAN access point.

The user then connects to the gateway via a laptop or PDA, e.g., for programming or diagnostics.

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