Time relays

Time relays

Perfect timing

ETD time relays ensure optimum time sequences.

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ETD time relays from Phoenix Contact are the cost-effective alternative to a PLC: with easy configuration and fast wiring. Choose from three product ranges for your time control application.

Your advantages

  • Optimum time sequences that can be set exactly, ranging from milliseconds to several days
  • Easy handling, as time parameters can be adjusted conveniently on the front of the housing
  • Worldwide use of the multifunctional time relay with wide range power supply unit
  • Error indication and selective shutdown, thanks to floating PDT outputs
  • Save space and time with the 6 mm time relay when using plug-in bridges
  • Flexible use even in small distribution boxes due to the compact installation design of the time relay
  • Time relays are a part of the COMPLETE line system

Ideal for series manufacturing and building installation - compact time relays

Push-in connection on time relays in compact installation housings  

Time relays in compact installation housings

ETD-BL time relays are particularly well suited for use in building installation and in series production of machines or systems.

  • Space saving, even in mobile and distributed system components, thanks to the compact installation design
  • Can be wired quickly and without tools, thanks to Push-in technology
  • Clear diagnostics with status LEDs that are easy to see


Narrow, precise, simple – time relays with 6.2 mm housing width

Extra narrow time relay  

The space-saving alternative for simple time control applications

Extra narrow 24 V time relays with adjustable time and a fixed pre-defined function: the space-saving and cost-effective solution for simple time control applications.

  • Save space – Thanks to narrow 6.2 mm housing width
  • A high level of setting accuracy can be achieved, thanks to the marked and illuminated thumbwheel
  • Connect the extra narrow time relay with the PLC relay in the same housing and install the devices easily with plug-in bridges and system cabling

Conventional time control for all applications - multifunctional time relays

Multifunctional time relay  

Multifunctional time relays for universal use

The universal relays from Phoenix Contact offer selectable time ranges and functions. Available in just three versions, they cover all applications associated with conventional time control.

  • Universal use, thanks to wide range of functions
  • Two floating PDT outputs on an overall width of only 22.5 mm
  • Supply voltage via wide range power supply unit
  • Optimum setting of times ranging from milliseconds to several days


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