Surge protection for power supply units

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High power

Protection for every requirement and all applications – from the supply through to the termination device.

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It is generally recognized that residential buildings place different requirements on lightning and surge protection than industrial installations. Our complete concept for surge protection offers user-friendly, ready-to-install solutions for all applications.

Your advantages

  • Can be used in all standard power supply units, thanks to powerful components
  • Seamless protection across all protection stages, thanks to coordinated arrester
  • Space-saving and inexpensive installation, thanks to slim design

Safe Energy Control Technology

Exploded drawing of the FLT-SEC-Hybrid  

The high-performance spark gap from the SEC range

Safe Energy Control, SEC for short, is synonymous with exceptional durability and the highest performance in the field of lightning current and surge protection. The revolutionary spark gap technology safely prevents any line follow current. This reduces the stress on the entire installation to a minimum. This at the same time means extraordinary durability for the surge protective devices. The protective devices operate inconspicuously and sparingly for the entire system. Solutions without backup fuse are available for all applications.

Protection for every application

Protection stages for surge protection  

Protection stages for surge protection

Surge voltages are potential interference factors. Without effective protection, you can expect high costs for repairing or replacing the equipment affected.

The multi-stage concept from Phoenix Contact provides effective protection for your systems and devices.

  • Type 1 protection stage:
    powerful lightning arrester
  • Type 2 protection stage:
    surge protection that is essential for any power supply unit
  • Type 3 protection stage:
    surge protection for sensitive devices

Combinations of lightning and surge arresters are also used.

  • Protection for US network types:
    surge protection for US installation requirements according to UL 1449 3rd Edition and NEMA


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Surge protection for the power supply

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Surge protection reinvented

Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology offers remarkably high durability in surge protection for your application