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Use on the DIN rail

In order to protect sensitive devices, you need to implement type 3 device protection as the third and last protection stage. Important requirement: type 2 surge protection must already be installed in the sub-distribution.

Powerful device protection for AC and DC

Type 3 device protection for the power supply

Type 3 device protection for the power supply

The internal disconnect device and the integrated arrester backup fuses provide increased safety in the event of electrical and thermal overload, regardless of the installed backup fuse. 

For this reason, the PLUGTRAB-SEC is the reliable surge protection solution for AC and DC end devices.

Plug-in and removal

Easy plug-in and removal of protective plugs  

Easy plug-in and removal of protective plugs

PLUGTRAB SEC also has the advantage that the modules are pluggable. The base element and plug are coded accordingly. Mismatching of plugs from different voltage levels is therefore prevented.

The pluggable design offers the following advantages:

  • To perform insulation measurements, simply remove the plugs. There is no need for complicated disconnection and connection.
  • In the event of the unexpected overload of individual protective plugs, e.g., due to extremely high surge voltages, you can replace the affected plugs quickly and inexpensively.
  • Recurring tests for surge protective devices can be performed quickly and easily using the CHECKMASTER 2 test device.

Convenient monitoring

PLUGTRAB SEC with green OK signal  

Signaling on the protective plug

The operating state of all modes of protection of PLUGTRAB SEC is monitored.

In the event of an error, the plugs are thermally disconnected. Clear signaling takes place directly on the module. A floating PDT contact is also monitored at the same time. Easy-maintenance remote signaling can therefore be implemented. 

The large marking area on the protective devices also ensures accurate identification on site.


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