Marshalling patchboards

Modular, easy, and intuitive marshalling

Modular, easy, and intuitive marshalling

Marshal signals reliably with an innovative color control system with up to 20% more packing density.

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The PTMC marshalling patchboards provide the maximum signal density when marshalling in the automation environment, thanks to their compact design. The modular structure, accurate to the number of positions and with colored matrix elements, ensures space-saving, clearly arranged, and error-free wiring.

Your advantages

  • Up to 20% increase in signal density due to the compact design
  • The modular design allows the exact number of positions to be configured for a specific application
  • Check conveniently using freely accessible 2.3 mm test connections, centered next to the connection points
  • Flexible use, thanks to direct mounting, 19-inch rack mounting or DIN rail mounting
  • Clear, thanks to large-surface marking options for matrix labeling
  • Versions available without actuation lever
  • Reduction in logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

Using marshalling patchboards

Marshalling patchboard wiring  

Marshalling patchboard wiring

Alongside the use of bus systems in new systems and retrofits, e.g., in power stations and process systems, point-to-point connection remains valid due to demands for high safety and availability. It has the advantage of quick fault localization using standard measuring instruments. In the future, the marshalling patchboard will be indispensable, with high signal density, low space requirements, and optimum clarity.

With the patented and modular PTMC marshalling patchboard concept, you have an innovative system for your marshalling tasks at your disposal.

Flexible use

Flexible mounting  

Flexible mounting

Adapters are available for DIN rail mounting as an alternative to direct mounting in 19-inch racks, for example. These can be used in even the smallest machine housings or sub-distributors.

Configuring marshalling patchboards

Configure marshalling patchboards according to your requirements

The marshalling patchboards can be easily configured and ordered at a mouse-click in the “marshalling patchboards for assembly” product list. Select the version to be configured and then determine the number and colors of the patchboard elements.

1. Select configuration versionsFind the item in the product list: marshalling patchboards for assembly
Marshalling patchboardsMarshalling patchboard for direct mounting, 4-pos.:                                          
1-row PTMC 1,5 /1-2-DF 3001937
2-row PTMC 1,5 /2-2-DF 3001940
3-row PTMC 1,5 /3-2-DF 3001942
4-row PTMC 1,5 /4-2-DF 3001943
5-row PTMC 1,5 /5-2-DF 3001944
6-row PTMC 1,5 /6-2-DF 3001945
7-row PTMC 1,5 /7-2-DF 3001946
8-row PTMC 1,5 /8-2-DF 3001947
Rows = number in X direction
Marshalling patchboard for direct mounting, 6-pos.:                                          
1-row PTMC 1,5 /1-3-DF 3001929
2-row PTMC 1,5 /2-3-DF 3001930
3-row PTMC 1,5 /3-3-DF 3001931
4-row PTMC 1,5 /4-3-DF 3001932
5-row PTMC 1,5 /5-3-DF 3001933
6-row PTMC 1,5 /6-3-DF 3001934
7-row PTMC 1,5 /7-3-DF 3001935
8-row PTMC 1,5 /8-3-DF 3001936
Rows = number in X direction
Marshalling patchboard for DIN rail mounting, 4-pos.:
1-row PTMC 1,5 /1-2-NS 3001915            
2-row PTMC 1,5 /2-2-NS 3001916
3-row PTMC 1,5 /3-2-NS 3001917
4-row PTMC 1,5 /4-2-NS 3001918
5-row PTMC 1,5 /5-2-NS 3001919
6-row PTMC 1,5 /6-2-NS 3001920
7-row PTMC 1,5 /7-2-NS 3001921
8-row PTMC 1,5 /8-2-NS 3001922
Rows = number in X direction
Marshalling patchboard for DIN rail mounting, 6-pos.:
1-row PTMC 1,5 /1-2-NS 3001905            
2-row PTMC 1,5 /2-2-NS 3001906
3-row PTMC 1,5 /3-2-NS 3001907
4-row PTMC 1,5 /4-2-NS 3001908
5-row PTMC 1,5 /5-2-NS 3001910
6-row PTMC 1,5 /6-2-NS 3001911
7-row PTMC 1,5 /7-2-NS 3001913
8-row PTMC 1,5 /8-2-NS 3001914
Rows = number in X direction

Ordering example

A marshalling patchboard should be configured as follows:

Push button, direct mounting of the marshalling patchboard, three connections per individual element. Four rows in the X direction and ten columns in the Y direction.
Row 1: blue
Row 2: red
Row 3: gray
Row 4: yellow
Please select order number 3001932 from the configurable items.

Note: only rows of the same color are viable in the X direction. Please state the number of columns when ordering. A minimum of two columns and a maximum of 20 columns can be ordered. The configurable marshalling patchboard is consecutively numbered from 1 to n, depending on the layout or the number of positions.

2. Specify the number and colors of the patchboard elements: 
Marshalling patchboardsThe order information for the ordering example is:

Order No. / columns / row 1 / row 2 / row 3 / row 4

3001932 / 10 / BU / RD / GY / YE

Note: Fixing material for wall or DIN rail mounting is supplied in the sufficient quantities. Please order marker adapter, DF-PTMC-ZB Order No. 3270410, as an accessory.
Freely configurable marshalling patchboards with eleven colors to choose from:
BU = blue
RD = red
GY = gray
YE = yellow
GN = green
BN = brown
WH = white
BK = black
VT = violet
OG = orange
PK = pink

Pre-assembled marshalling patchboards

Marshalling patchboards pre-assembled according to color combination  

Marshalling patchboards pre-assembled according to color combination

Marshalling patchboards are also available pre-assembled in various standardized color combinations, e.g., according to DIN VDE 0815.

Marshalling terminals

Marshalling terminals  

Marshalling terminals

The compact PTRV marshalling terminals are used to marshal signals in automation applications in a clearly arranged manner. The wiring of a large number of conductors is simplified through levels, which can be designed individually based on color. Together with the front wiring, this helps you prevent errors in the connection. Potential distributors of the same shape and a comprehensive range of accessories complete the product range.


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