Axioline F I/Os

Axioline F I/Os

Fast and robust communication

Transmit signals reliably in the control cabinet with Axioline F I/Os.

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A large range of I/O modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs and functions, or for special applications. The versatile I/O modules ensure flexibility in your station structure.

Your advantages

  • Saves space in the control cabinet, thanks to compact mixed modules
  • Free combination of extra-low and low-voltage modules without insulation plates simplifies the station structure
  • Fast connection of sensors and actuators to the I/Os, thanks to Push-in Technology

I/O module for energy and power measurement

Axioline F module for energy and power measurement  

Axioline F module for energy and power measurement

Capturing energy and power data is necessary in many modern applications.

With the AXL F PM EF 1F I/O module, you receive precise data that the I/O system can process rapidly. Preset parameters guarantee easy startup. Neighboring modules are safely isolated. Thus, no further isolation measures are necessary.

Through the measurement of the harmonics, you receive a comprehensive network analysis which you can use in a variety of ways.

The I/O module is certified in accordance with the Low-Voltage Directive, and features direct connection to voltages of up to 400 V/690 V without converters.

Axioline F for IEC 61850

Axioline F is the extremely easy I/O solution for the energy industry  

Particularly easy IEC 61850: with Axioline F

The particularly robust I/O system Axioline F is the perfect solution for applications in the energy sector. You can now also use Axioline F for IEC 61850 applications, thanks to the bus coupler for IEC 61850 applications and the I/O modules for increased nominal voltages and corresponding electric strength. At the same time, you also benefit from ease of use and flexible station configuration.

  • Startup without specific programming knowledge, thanks to easy parameter configuration
  • Flexible and easy online access to the product via web interface
  • Extra-low and low voltage modules can be freely combined, without insulation plates
  • Interoperability of the Axioline F I/O system with IEC 61850 communication to all other devices

Axioline F and Axiocontrol

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET or Modbus/TCP solution  

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET or Modbus/TCP solution

Simply mount the I/O modules on our controller. With Axiocontrol and Axioline F, you can create a consistent solution for your automation tasks with PROFINET or Modbus/TCP.

The Axiocontrol AXC 3050 compact controller controls automation tasks, ranging from the average to the challenging, reliably and quickly. The Axiocontrol AXC 1050 small-scale controller operates as a PROFINET device and reduces the load on superordinate PROFINET controllers. It is ideal for controlling decentral I/O stations, and ensures a high level of availability thanks to the integrated UPS.

All Axiocontrol controllers can be extended seamlessly with up to 63 I/O modules from the Axioline F range.


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