Inline function terminal - IB IL INC - 2836324

Inline positioning terminal block, without accessories, 1 incremental encoder input, 4 digital inputs 24 V DC, 4 digital outputs 24 V DC, 500 mA, 3-wire connection method



Technical data



Product Description

The Inline absolute and incremental encoder terminals provide a simple solution for the positioning of drives.
The IB IL SSI terminal can be used for the connection of absolute encoders (single-turn or multi-turn). The IB IL INC terminal can be used for the evaluation of incremental encoders (symmetrical or asymmetrical encoders). Both terminals supply 5 V DC and 24 V DC for the connection of encoders and have four 24 V DC digital inputs and four 24 V DC digital outputs, 500 mA.
The digital inputs connect limit switches and reference mark switches; the digital outputs set the transversing direction and the transversing rate using control data.
The terminals are configured and parameterized via INTERBUS. The desired position values can then be set via the control program. If the application allows it, position values can also be saved individually. The module accesses these values independently after a request. The module constantly monitors the homing and sends status messages to the control system. When an error occurs, the drive is immediately stopped.
The Inline positioning terminals can be labeled using hinged labeling fields. The fields have insert cards that can be labeled individually to suit the application. Additionally, there is the ZB-FM-6... Zack strip for labeling the terminal points.

Your advantages

  • Open-circuit detection
  • Supplies encoder with 5 V or 24 V voltage
  • Three digital inputs for connecting two limit switches or a home position switch
  • 25-bit actual position value
  • Precise evaluation via 1x, 2x, or 4x sampling
  • Supports incremental encoders with symmetrical signals in accordance with EIA standard RS-422 (line driver)
  • Maximum input frequency of 300 kHz
  • Direction of rotation indicator via LED
  • 5 homing functions

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2836324
Packing unit 1
Catalog page Page 95 (AX-2007)
GTIN 4017918160821
Custom tariff number 85389091


A-58/2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - II,
New Delhi-110 020

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