Relay Module - PR1-RSP3-LV- 24AC/2X21 - 2834575

Preassembled relay modules with spring-cage connection, consisting of: relay base plug-in miniature power relay with power contacts, plug-in display/interference suppression module and relay retaining bracket. Input voltage: 24 V AC, contacts: 2 PDT, 8 A



Technical data




Operating voltage range of the relay


Interrupting rating


Service life reduction factor with various cos phi


Electrical service life

Circuit diagram  

Circuit diagram
AC coils

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Utilization restriction EMC: class A product, see manufacturer's declaration in the download area
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Width 16 mm
Height 97 mm
Depth 72 mm
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Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C ... 60 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -25 °C ... 85 °C
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Coil side

Nominal input voltage UN 24 V AC
Typical input current at UN 34 mA (at 50 Hz)
26 mA (At 60 Hz)
Typical response time 3 ms ... 12 ms
Typical release time range 1.5 ms ... 14 ms
Protective circuit Varistor
Operating voltage display Yellow LED
Power dissipation for nominal condition 0.82 W
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Contact side

Contact type 2 PDT
Type of switch contact Single contact
Contact material AgNi
Maximum switching voltage 250 V AC/DC
Minimum switching voltage 5 V (at 10 mA)
Min. switching current 10 mA (At 5 V)
Maximum inrush current 15 A (300 ms)
Limiting continuous current 8 A
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max. 2000 W (for 250 V AC)
44 W (at 110 V DC)
60 W (at 220 V DC)
190 W (at 24 V DC)
at 440 V AC
85 W (at 48 V DC)
60 W (at 60 V DC)
Switching capacity 2 A (at 24 V, DC13)
0.2 A (at 250 V, DC13)
3 A (at 24 V, AC15)
3 A (at 120 V, AC15)
3 A (at 250 V, AC15)
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Test voltage relay winding/relay contact 4 kV (50 Hz, 1 min.)
Test voltage relay contact/relay contact 2.5 kV (50 Hz, 1 min.)
Operating mode 100% operating factor
Mechanical service life 3x 107 cycles
Service life, electrical see diagram
Mounting position any
Assembly instructions In rows with zero spacing
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Connection data input side

Connection name Coil side
Connection method Spring-cage connection
Stripping length 10 mm
Conductor cross section solid 0.2 mm² ... 1.5 mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2 mm² ... 1.5 mm²
Conductor cross section AWG 24 ... 16
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Standards and Regulations

Standards/regulations IEC 60664
EN 50178
Pollution degree 3
Overvoltage category III
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Environmental Product Compliance

China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50
For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”
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Articles in set

Relay base PR1-BSP3/2X21 2833534

Relay base PR1..., for miniature power relay or miniature switching relay with 1 or 2 PDT or solid-state relay of same construction, 1/3 level design, spring-cage connections, connection facility for input/interference suppression modules

Single relay REL-MR- 24AC/21-21 2961435

Plug-in miniature power relay, with power contact, 2 PDTs, input voltage 24 V AC

Plug-in module LV- 12- 24UC 2833712

Plug-in module, for mounting on PR1 and PR2, with varistor and yellow LED, input voltage: 12 ... 24 V AC/ DC ±20 %

Retaining bracket EL1-P16 2833547

Relay retaining bracket, with eject function and integrated equipment marking area (7.5 x 15 mm), to suit relay base PR1, for 16 mm high miniature power relay and solid-state relay

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eCl@ss 5.0 27371601
eCl@ss 5.1 27371600
eCl@ss 6.0 27371600
eCl@ss 7.0 27371601
eCl@ss 8.0 27371601
eCl@ss 9.0 27371601
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ETIM 2.0 EC001437
ETIM 3.0 EC001437
ETIM 4.0 EC001437
ETIM 5.0 EC001437
ETIM 6.0 EC001437
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UNSPSC 6.01 30211916
UNSPSC 7.0901 39121515
UNSPSC 11 39121515
UNSPSC 12.01 39121515
UNSPSC 13.2 39122334
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A-58/2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - II,
New Delhi-110 020

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