Sensors and meters

Use of resources at a glance

Use of resources at a glance

Determine all relevant system states using sensors and meters.

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Water, compressed air, and electricity are expensive resources – using sensors and meters you can always determine the exact amount supplied. Keep an eye on all the relevant values for your system and reduce costs as a result.

Your advantages

  • Efficient use of resources, thanks to comprehensive procurement data from sensors and meters
  • Detailed procurement measurement, thanks to precise sensor and meter technology
  • Intelligent sensor communication, thanks to IO-Link technology

Compressed air meters

Compressed air is one of the most expensive resources for production. Compressed air meters from Phoenix Contact enable you to optimize the use of this costly resource. By using compressed air efficiently, you can decrease compressor usage and therefore reduce energy costs.

The calorimetric measuring procedure records even the smallest consumption rates. You can detect wear or leaks based on the amount of air consumed.

Use compressed air meters to acquire the following values:

  • The current volumetric flow
  • The current volume used
  • The temperature of the compressed air in the monitored operating processes

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensor with IO-Link  

Intelligent sensor communication, thanks to IO-Link

The pressure sensors from Phoenix Contact record operating pressure levels in pneumatic systems. You can therefore detect wear and leaks. You can either use two switching outputs or IO-Link for process value transmission, diagnostics, and parameterization.


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