Solution for acquisition of meteorological data


Acquisition of meteorological data  

Acquisition of meteorological data

  • For operators of large photovoltaics systems, the efficiency of the system is the top priority. The performance ratio offers a potential measure of this.
  • Thanks to the weather station from Phoenix Contact, planners and system operators have a proven and therefore safe solution for determining the performance ratio.
  • The solution helps operators to optimize system yield and system availability.


Weather station in the PV system  

Acquiring weather information via standard sensors

The acquisition of operating data in photovoltaics systems is highly complex. Here it is not sufficient to acquire the performance data of the individual module strings and the inverter. A potential measurement for determining efficiency is the performance ratio, the ratio of actual yield to the maximum possible yield. In order to calculate this value, the weather station acquires meteorological data, such as solar radiation, wind speed, and temperature. Planners and operators can detect losses and system failures from this information.

In tracked PV systems, the acquisition of wind speed is also important when it comes to safety. The weather sensors acquire information on wind speed. The data is processed in the weather station and sent to the control system. In the event of strong wind load, the tracking unit is brought into a safe position. In this way, the load on the panels is reduced and damage is prevented.


The weather station has standard interfaces and supports the connection of up to eleven standard sensors. The integrated controller captures the weather data, and, using Modbus/TCP or OPC UA, makes the measured values available to a higher-level SCADA system via an Ethernet interface. The data is acquired in a standardized data format, to enable a simple connection to the SCADA system.

The solution for acquiring meteorological data is tailored to the needs of large photovoltaics systems. Individual sensors can be easily configured via web interface. The user does not need any programming knowledge. Within the system network, users can call up the current weather data at any time via web access.

Interplay of sensors, weather station, data storage, and web interface

The weather station stores the acquired data locally and makes it available to the user via a web interface

Your advantages

  • Pre-assembled, tested solution
  • Can be used universally
  • Use of the best connection technologies and suitable components
  • Low startup and configuration effort
  • Programming knowledge is not required
  • Flexible choice of sensors, thanks to standardized interfaces


DescriptionTypeOrder number
Weather station for acquiring up to eleven meteo signalsSOL-SC-WEATHER-STN2402797
User program for the controller of a weather station on SD cardSD FLASH 2GB SOL-WEATHER-STN2402852
DescriptionTypeOrder number
Weather station for acquiring up to eleven meteo signalsSOL-SC-WEATHER-STN
User program for the controller of a weather station on SD cardSD FLASH 2GB SOL-WEATHER-STN


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