Building integration

Building integration

Connecting and combining

The miniature connection system meets the special requirements of connection technology for building integration.

Absorb solar energy not just from the roof, but from the entire building surface: Phoenix Contact has developed a miniature DC connection system for this trend in energy generation using photovoltaics.

This allows you to efficiently use the facade of a building to generate energy. The often limited space imposes special connection technology requirements for building-integrated photovoltaic panels. The Phoenix Contact miniature connection system meets these requirements perfectly.

Your advantages

  • Particularly slim design
  • Suitable for conductor cross sections of 2.5 mm²
  • Fast connection, thanks to pierce connection technology
  • Designed for currents up to 15 A and voltages up to 1000 V
  • All-round protection thanks to protection class IP68

Connecting building-integrated panels

Junction box for building-integrated panels  

Variable junction box width according to customer requirements

One module junction box is used per position. Both module junction boxes are integrated into the building-integrated panel and sealed with sealant.

Their adaptable width enables module junction boxes to be integrated very easily.

Compact connection technology

Miniature DC connection system for building-integrated panels  

Miniature connection technology for building-integrated panels

The compact design of the connectors enables concealed installation behind the photovoltaic panels or direct installation within the facade frames. Assembly is quick and easy and requires no special tools.

Protection against reverse currents

Diode box for building-integrated panels  

Reliable protection against reverse currents, thanks to DC string diodes

Reverse currents can occur in photovoltaic panels as a result of shading. The stable housing and flat design of the DC string diode ensure the safe flow of current between the building-integrated panels.

It protects the panels against reverse currents of up to 5 A at 1000 V according to IEC. The maximum reverse voltage is 2200 V.

Connection technology for BIPV

From the junction box to the string diode, all the components are hidden from view in the building facade.

Miniature connection system for building-integrated panels

The miniature connection system provides reliable connection technology, even when space is at a premium


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