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IQ technology: flexible and highly communicative

Use the wide variety of data from UPS modules with IQ technology in higher-level systems: this will mean you are always kept informed of the status of your uninterruptible power supply unit.

Communication for maximum system availability

QUINT UPS-IQ communication  

Directly in Ethernet with the COMSERVER from Phoenix Contact

Uninterruptible power supply units with IQ technology ensure the stable supply of loads in industrial applications.

Information, e.g., regarding the current available buffer time, is provided for further processing in higher-level controllers. Intelligent QUINT UPS-IQ solutions can therefore be integrated seamlessly into the overall system.

Signaling via contacts

QUINT UPS-IQ contacts  

Signaling via contacts

LEDs and floating relay contacts provide function monitoring. QUINT UPS-IQ supplies the following information via the wired contacts:

  • Load supplied by the power storage
  • Charging the power storage
  • Alarms present

The assignment of the contacts can be individually adapted using the UPS-CONF configuration and management software. A data cable is required for this: the IFS-USB-DATACABLE is ideal for configuring and monitoring the UPS system with the UPS-CONF software.

Communication in the network

QUINT DC-UPS, MINI DIN cable, ILC 150 ETH communication  

Communication with the ILC

The data provided by the QUINT UPS-IQ can be forwarded to higher-level controllers via Ethernet. Integrate your UPS solution directly in control solutions from Phoenix Contact using appropriate data cables.

RS-232 data cable

  • Integration of the UPS solution into the Ethernet network using the COMSERVER from Phoenix Contact.
  • Address higher-level controllers such as Inline controllers (ILCs) or Remote Field Controllers (RFCs) directly.

MINI DIN data cable

  • Direct communication with the Inline controller (ILC) from Phoenix Contact's 100 series.



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