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Individual automation – with pre-configured switches

The FL NAT SMN 8TX combines switch mechanisms at Layer 2 level and routing at Layer 3 level. This means that you can work cost-effectively and efficiently as the highly functional switch is particularly narrow and also saves installation and configuration time.

Customer-specific configuration

Switch with NAT routing function and MEM PLUG that can be plugged on  

Easy pre-configuration – with the MEM PLUG

All-round flexibility: using a replaceable memory medium, the MEM PLUG, the FL NAT SMN 8TX can be pre-configured individually. You therefore receive a device that is tailored to your requirements.

For example, you can save time with the MEM PLUG by pre-configuring various functions:

  • Enable 1:1 NAT function
  • Assign static LAN IP as
  • Set the speed to 100 Mbps by default


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