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Connection technology for building-integrated photovoltaics

The integration of PV systems in building structures such as facades places particular demands on the components used. The SUNCLIX mini system is the ideal solution for meeting the specific requirements regarding the connection technology.

Your advantages

  • Easy integration in facade frames, thanks to the compact design of all system components
  • Fast on-site connection, thanks to DC connectors with pierce connection technology
  • Protection against reverse currents, thanks to the diode box
  • Permanently safe and reliable connection, thanks to coordinated components

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

Buildings with solar facades  

Connection system for integrated PV panels

Solar energy can be collected from the entire building surface, not just from the roof; with SUNCLIX mini, Phoenix Contact offers a particularly compact DC connection system for integrated PV panels for this energy production trend.

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Miniature DC connectors for assembly – SUNCLIX mini

SUNCLIX mini product animation

SUNCLIX mini DC connectors

SUNCLIX mini connectors from Phoenix Contact have been specially developed for building-integrated photovoltaics:

  • Ultra-slim design – just 11 mm in diameter
  • Suitable for conductor cross sections of 2.5 mm²
  • Fast connection, thanks to pierce connection technology
  • Designed for currents up to 15 A and voltages up to 1000 V
  • Meet the requirements of IP67 protection
  • VDE-certified


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Module junction box for building-integrated panels

Module junction box  

Module junction box for building-integrated panels

Single-position connection element with adaptable width for integration in insulating glass modules.

  • 1000 V/15 A
  • Easy integration, thanks to adaptable width
  • Sealed when sealing the insulating glass
  • Reliable ribbon contacting, thanks to SUNCLIX spring connection


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Diode box against inverse string currents

Diode box  

Diode box against inverse string currents

The robust diode box prevents reverse currents and protects the valuable PV panels.

  • 1000 V/5 A
  • Reverse voltage up to 2200 V
  • Available with connector or open cable end


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