Multifunctional housings

Multifunctional housings

Convenient to connect and saves space

Minimal wiring effort with pre-assembled front connection technology and DIN rail connector

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With ME-PLC and ME-IO electronics housing, you get a multifunctional housing system. You can develop new device concepts using these housings.

Your advantages:

  • Flexibility when selecting connection technology
  • Time-saving and convenient wiring, thanks to connections in the front of the housing
  • Easy creation of modular device systems, thanks to the DIN rail connector
  • Plenty of space for your electronics on the PCB
  • High availability, thanks to particularly secure hold on the DIN rail

ME-IO series

ME-IO housing system  

ME-IO multifunctional housings

The ME-IO housing system is particularly suitable for applications with a limited amount of installation space. The push-in front connection technology as well as the compact design enable small devices with up to 36 positions to be implemented.

  • Minimal overall width of just 18.8 mm
  • Push-in connection technology with up to 36 positions in the front of the housing
  • Bridged plugs as TWIN connection replace TWIN ferrules
  • A wide range of combinations of housing hoods and plugs possible in the front of the housing

ME-PLC series

ME-PLC housing system  

Multifunctional housing ME-PLC

The ME-PLC housing system is ideal for applications with large installation space requirements and connection technology on the front. Together with a large PCB assembly area and DIN rail connectors, this housing system offers a high level of functionality for a wide range of applications.

  • Generously dimensioned housings
  • DIN rail connectors for individual PCB layouts
  • PCB connection technology can be positioned in the front of the housing
  • Plug-in or hard-soldered connection technology can be used


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Electronics housings


Multifunctional housing ME-PLC

Multifunctional electronics housing for complex controllers.

Compact housing system

With a variety of connection options at the housing front.