Modular software platform

Modular software platform

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Use the modular software platform for your entire engineering process.

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Commission your automation solution more quickly. The key to success here is user-friendly software with optimized user interfaces.

The new PLCnext Engineer software combines all engineering system tasks in one platform and can be extended with function add-ins to cater for individual requirements.

Your advantages

  • Time and cost savings, thanks to faster and fully integrated programming in a single interface
  • Less work and training involved, thanks to the optimized user interface
  • Flexible engineering, thanks to the integration of individual function add-ins in the free basic version
  • Simplified engineering process, thanks to improved workflow and project-oriented programming

User-optimized programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3

PLCnext Engineer combines all engineering tasks into one interface  

PLCnext Engineer combines all engineering tasks into one interface

The new PLCnext Engineer is a flexible engineering platform for programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3. The platform combines all engineering tasks into one tool, thus enabling:

  • User-friendly configuration
  • Standard and safe programming
  • Web-based visualization
  • Diagnostics of the overall system

The software is impressive, thanks to its attractive design and optimized user interface. Well-defined interfaces, object-oriented programming and individually adaptable functions are just a few of the new features of PLCnext Engineer.

Function add-ins for customized software solutions

Various function add-ins for a customized PC Worx Engineer  

Various function add-ins for a customized PC Worx Engineer

The new PC Worx Engineer license model is based on a free software platform that already includes comprehensive functions for your engineering projects.

By purchasing additional function add-ins, further functions and interfaces, for example, can be activated.

This gives you a tailor-made software solution to match your application requirements.


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