Remote communication

Worldwide access to your own data

Worldwide access to your own data

Acquire all the information relating to your application quickly and smoothly.

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  • Alarm generation
    SMS relay module

    With industrial devices for automatic alerting, immediate remote error detection is possible – even without a complex and costly broadband connection.

  • Remote control
    Remote control

    Phoenix Contact offers the right transmission path for every remote control application – using either mobile networks or copper-based solutions.

  • Remote maintenance
    Remote maintenance

    With mGuard technology, Phoenix Contact offers a remote maintenance solution that can be easily integrated into machines and systems.

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Do you want to communicate with your machines and systems on a worldwide basis? From efficient remote maintenance, to continuous data transmission for remote control technology, right through to automatic early warning messages: Phoenix Contact offers you a comprehensive portfolio for industrial remote communication.

Your advantages

  • More flexibility, thanks to the range of applications when using all standard transmission technologies
  • Integrated security functionality thanks to mature VPN technology
  • Easy handling, due to systems that can be combined

Always properly connected – with the ideal transmission technology

Remote communication – always properly connected, worldwide  

Worldwide remote communication with the system from Phoenix Contact

We can adapt to your remote communication requirements, regardless of whether it's for remote maintenance or control. That's why we provide you with the option of transmitting your data via various technologies:

  • Mobile network
  • Public telephone network
  • In-house cables

Safely and flexibly connected – thanks to VPN technology

Secure remote access via the Internet from Phoenix Contact  

Secure data transmission

Protect sensitive data when exchanging data via the Internet. Thanks to security measures from Phoenix Contact, you can be on the safe side: the solutions for industrial remote communication are based on Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

  • Cloud-based remote maintenance with the mGuard Secure Cloud
  • Solutions hosted in-house
  • Continuously protected 24-hour connections for remote control technology

High-speed Internet access for industrial applications

TC Router for high-speed Internet access  

Worldwide broadband connections

The industrial routers from Phoenix Contact enable powerful high-speed Internet connections for industrial applications. All routers guarantee a high level of security thanks to IPsec and OpenVPN support as well as an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall.

The ADSL TC DSL ROUTER broadband routers enable the high-speed connection of industrial Ethernet and RS-232 devices to the Internet, up to 25 Mbps. The devices support all conventional ADSL standards. Using the integrated Annex A/B/J switchover, the devices can be easily adjusted to the requirements of regional telecommunications providers.

The TC ROUTER mobile network routers from Phoenix Contact enable powerful high-speed data connections via mobile 4G LTE networks with up to 150 Mbps. In this way, you create a mobile broadband connection for extremely flexible site networking, anywhere that a cable-bound Internet connection is not available.


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