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Potential distribution made easy

Potential distribution made easy

Save up to 35% space in the control cabinet compared to a modular solution.

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The multi-channel device circuit breaker boards are used in, for example, series machine production or in control and process technology. Due to the central potential distribution, installation time is reduced to a minimum. The boards are very versatile as they can be fitted individually with thermomagnetic or electronic circuit breakers.

Your advantages

  • Reduced installation effort, thanks to central potential distribution
  • Integration into safety concepts, thanks to safety-related relay contacts
  • Up to four loads can be protected per channel simultaneously, thanks to additional terminal points
  • High current carrying capacity of the board supports supply of up to 60 A
  • Integrated group remote signaling ensures you're always kept informed

Function and design

4-channel device circuit breaker board  

4-channel device circuit breaker board

Our device circuit breaker boards offer connection options for up to four loads per mode of protection.

In addition to individual load protection, you have the option to loop in safety-related relay contacts. As such, affected circuits are integrated into the safety concept with minimal wiring. In doing so, the switching contacts of the enabling current paths are protected according to regulations.

The boards can be fitted with thermomagnetic or electronic device circuit breakers from the CB range. The boards are equipped with push-in connection technology and are available in versions with four, eight, and twelve channels.

High operational reliability thanks to redundant power supply

Redundant supply  

QUINT ORING and device circuit breaker board

Ensure high availability and productivity levels for your system. 

This can be achieved with a redundant switchgear structure. In this case, two 24 V DC power supply units are decoupled via a redundancy module. This type of module, e.g., a QUINT ORING from Phoenix Contact, is then connected to the device circuit breaker board.

As a result of the doubled supply, a fully redundant supply of the loads from the power supply through to the wiring of circuit breakers can be configured.


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