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Select your AC Vehicle Connector or Infrastructure Plug from a comprehensive product range from Phoenix Contact.

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    AC charging cable

    You can find the right AC charging cable with vehicle connector and infrastructure plug for every global standard in the product lineup from Phoenix Contact.

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Here you will find the right charging cables with Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs for all worldwide standardized AC charging interfaces. The range includes Mode 3 and Mode 2 charging cables with integrated control unit (IC-CPD).

Your advantages

  • Wide range of Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs for worldwide use
  • Uniform design and convenient handling, thanks to additional gripping components
  • Standard charging cables according to IEC 62196, SAE J1772, and GB/T 20234

AC Vehicle Connector with IC-CPD according to Mode 2

Charging in the European market according to Mode 2 using IC-CPD with Type 1 and Type 2 charging connector  

Charge electric vehicles safely at home or en route

The IC-CPD (In Cable Control and Protection Device) according to charging mode 2 enables electric vehicles to be safely charged at a conventional household socket and en route. The IC-CPD is therefore ideally suited to flexible vehicle charging.

  • Regulation of the charging current to 10 A, 8 A or 6 A in circuits that are already under load
  • Temperature management for protecting the IC-CPD and the household socket
  • Automatic charge continuation following interruption after a power failure
  • Detection of wiring errors on the infrastructure side and checking of the ground conductor contact

AC Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug according to Mode 3

For conventional charging with alternating current, you will find a wide choice of standardized charging systems for worldwide use in our product range.

AC charging cables according to charging mode 3 are available in two versions:

  • Mobile charging cables with Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug - charging case B - e.g., for the car trunk
  • Charging cables with Vehicle Connector and open cable end - charging case C - for the charging station or wall box

Type 1 – charging in North America and Japan

Type 1 AC charging cable for the North American and Japanese market  

Type 1 AC charging cable

The Type 1 AC charging system is based on the SAE J1772 and IEC 62196 standard. It is primarily used in the USA and Japan. The charging cable with Vehicle Connector has two CS and CP signal contacts which ensure that the charging process is controlled safely. The lock is implemented using a lever system. The Type 1 charging system does not feature an Infrastructure Plug.

Phoenix Contact also offers a so-called “Adapter charging cable” with Type 1 Vehicle Connector on a Type 2 Infrastructure Plug. These are used to connect a Type 1 Vehicle-Inlet to the European infrastructure.

Type 2 – charging in Europe

AC charging cable with Type 2 Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug for the European market  

Type 2 AC charging cable

In early 2013, the European Commission specified the use of the Type 2 charging system according to IEC 62196-2 as a uniform standard throughout Europe. The Type 2 AC charging system supports single- and three-phase charging, thanks to its geometry. A safe charging process is controlled via the PP and CP contacts. The charging cables with Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug are protected during the charging process by an electromechanical actuator lock.

GB/T – charging in China

Charging cable for the Chinese market according to GB/T standard  

GB/T AC charging cable

The AC charging system standardized according to the Chinese GB/T standard supports both single- and three-phase charging. A special lever system on the Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug ensures safe charging.

Charging communication is established via the CC and CP contact.


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Combined AC/DC charging system

Charging on an AC network or fast DC charging.

AC and DC plug-in charging system according to GB standard

Charging on an AC network or fast DC charging.